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You might think anyone can start a catering service because of the low initial costs, this is however far from the truth. Catering involves a lot of knowledge and skills. Here, we have presented you with all the relevant things you should know when it comes to catering.

Caterers Require All The Relevant Documentations

First thing’s first, caterers require licenses to operate! So, make sure when choosing a caterer you are choosing one with all the legal documentations. A caterer only gets their license and permits like any other business. So don’t worry about how legitimate a catering service is as you will surely be satisfied with the answer to that. Caterers are regulated and documented just like any other business!

Most Caterers Are Niche-Specific

While this should be an understood thing, many people don’t understand that most catering services have expertise in a particular niche. This is what makes caterers exceptional! Not everyone can cover a variety of cuisines. While it is normal for catering businesses to expand and get diversified cooks on board, initially they will focus on a particular cuisine.

Taste-Testing Is A Common Practice

You might not know this. But caterers offer their clients a testing session prior to booking to give client’s the opportunity to taste the food and make an informed decision. This works great for customers as they get to taste whether the service they’re going for is up to the mark or not. Moreover, they also get a visual representation of how the food will be presented on the plate for guests.

Caterers Have Different Preparation Methods

Every catering service has a different cooking style that they follow. Moreover, every service also has varied preparation methods. This means that you need to be careful about the on-site and off-site preparation. If the caterer does on-site preparation, then you need to have space for them to work in. If they do off-site preparation, then there is little concern as long as the caterer operates from a close distance- you don’t want your food arriving late.

Costs Depend Mainly On The Type Of Cuisine You Want

While standard rates do apply to some menus, this is not always the case and you might find some menu options highly priced than the others. This is mainly because caterers offer bespoke services tailored to your needs and vision.

Catering is no easy task and requires a lot of effort. Pervenche Catering ensures that we meet your needs when it comes to catering through our varied experience and professionalism. If you wish to take a look at our services or more details about different cuisines and what we offer, read up on all of our other posts to stay up to date.