African cuisine is one of the best cuisines because it is a blend of a variety of cultures. The cuisine is inspired by the cultures of Asia, Europe, Arabia, and their own culture.

There is so much diversity and exploration that you will find different surprises of flavours in every dish. Of course, the nature of cooking depends on the area as well.

East and West Africa have their distinctive style of cooking, dishes, and techniques. Here are some of the best dishes from both these regions that will tantalise your taste buds.

East African Dishes


This is the staple food of East Africa that is cooked in every household. It can be used with meat and vegetables in substitute for bread and rice. Ugali is made from maize flour and is cooked in water till it reaches a consistency that resembles of dough and is usually served dipped in stew or sauce.


No matter where you are in East Africa, you will find this delicacy everywhere. It comes in many options such as goat, chicken, and beef. However, goat brochette is the most famous amongst the locals. Goat brochette is juicy, tender, and can be eaten as an entrée or snack!


If you know Indian cuisine then you have probably heard of a snack called samosa. They are triangle-shaped pastries that are filled with various meats and vegetables. However, in East Africa, the sambusa is filled with fish, minced meat, various spices, and a dash of chilli!

West African Dishes


This is a staple food of the West African region. It is made from green plantain flour, cassava, and water. However, the cassava can be substituted with any other flour. Once this is prepared with water the dough is rolled into balls. These can be dipped into any sauce or stew of your choice.

Chicken/Fish Yassa

This is something all West Africans love. This dish includes either fish or chicken that is marinated in lemon juice and Dijon mustard. After that, it is mixed with caramelised onions until the meat is extremely tender and juicy. It is served with rice. This is comfort food for all West Africans out there!


This dish is a combination of tomato sauce, rice, and fish. It is a delicious one-pot meal and with these basic things, you can also add any other vegetable you like. So, the flavour and taste can vary from place to place as there is no one set list of ingredients except the main three to make this dish from!

Final Words

While the taste of these two regions is distinct, you can still see some similarities in the ingredients that are used. This is because African cuisine itself is influenced by many regions.

You will see a hint of tastes from many different cultures combined into one amazing dish. For more information on different cuisines and food, don’t go anywhere else. Keep reading Pervenche Catering Blog posts to find out more! From African Foods, Asian Foods, Fusion Foods to the ABC’s of Catering right here on our blog!

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