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All about fusion food and why it is so special to us at Pervenche Catering and why you need afro-asian fusion food at your event.

April 2021

Top 5 Afro-Asian Fusion Dishes


Afro-Asian fusion foods have been around for a long time. The exquisite taste from two of the most popular cuisines joining together forms an entirely different category completely. If you love both, African and Asian foods, then you have come to the right place! You will find our collection of the top 5 Afro-Asian [...]

Top 5 Afro-Asian Fusion Dishes2021-04-21T06:02:12+01:00

August 2020

All You Need To Know About Afro-Asian Fusion Cuisine


When two different cultures come together to create a dish, the result is phenomenal. Fusion foods are becoming popular because they offer you a distinct taste. One of the more prominent that is Afro-Asian fusion cuisine. It is gaining in popularity as it offers you a variety of distinct tastes that will have you [...]

All You Need To Know About Afro-Asian Fusion Cuisine2020-08-18T23:53:17+01:00
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