When two different cultures come together to create a dish, the result is phenomenal. Fusion foods are becoming popular because they offer you a distinct taste. One of the more prominent that is Afro-Asian fusion cuisine. It is gaining in popularity as it offers you a variety of distinct tastes that will have you falling in love with Afro-Asian fusion food.

Why Is Asian Food Growing Influence in African Cuisines?

Before we get started on Afro-Asian fusion dishes, let’s take a look at why Asian foods are strongly influencing African dishes.

Different Taste

The first thing that Asian foods bring to the table is a unique taste and flavour. Most people are fans of Asian foods. Now incorporating them in African cuisine just takes the taste level up a notch. While Africa cuisine is nowhere near simple, adding a hint of Asian flavors makes everything taste so much better.

Easily Available Ingredients

Another reason why Asian cuisine is perhaps easy to incorporate in African cuisines is because of the easy availability of the ingredients. There isn’t much difference in the spices used for both cuisines. which is why it is easy to create Afro-Asian fusion food.

Afro-Asian Fusion Food You Should Try

Are you looking for some Afro-Asian fusion food to try?  Here are some common options to start you on your culinary journey. They are loved by a large number of people, and you’ll surely be coming back for more!

Stew Chicken With Rice

Chicken or any other meat stew is a common indulgence in Asian countries. This is also commonly consumed in Africa. Pairing chicken or any other meat with rice gives you the ultimate Afro-Asian fusion food dish. You can add vegetables and spices to the stew according to your preferences as well.

Goat Meat And Noodle Pepper Soup

Noodles soaked in broth is one of the staples in Asia. Africans are also well known for their impeccable taste in broth. Together they make what appears simple, however with complex flavours full of African and Asian spices.

Lamb Pilaf

Pilaf rice is commonly consumed in India, Malaysia, Thailand, and many Middle-East countries. It has also become a favourite in African food. Using the same recipe and adding a bit of vegetable and lamb will give you the ultimate Afro-Asian fusion dish.

You can come up with almost any kind of combination when it comes to Afro-Asian fusion foods. If you’re looking for more inspiration, then keep going through our posts to stay updated about Afro-Asian fusion cuisines, and much more! In our next article we will post our top 5 Afro-Asian Fusion Dishes.